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Who are the leading innovators in catalytic diesel particulate filters for the automotive industry?

Who are the leading innovators in catalytic diesel particulate filters for the automotive industry?

The automotive marketplace carries on to be a hotbed of innovation, with exercise pushed by protection, emission specifications, gasoline effectiveness, and engine overall performance, and growing relevance of technologies this sort of as sensors, artificial intelligence and other people. In the very last 3 several years by yourself, there have been around 1.2 million patents submitted and granted in the automotive field, according to GlobalData’s report on Environmental sustainability in Automotive: Catalytic diesel particulate filters

Having said that, not all innovations are equal and nor do they stick to a constant upward development. In its place, their evolution takes the variety of an S-shaped curve that demonstrates their common lifecycle from early emergence to accelerating adoption, just before finally stabilising and reaching maturity. 

Determining the place a certain innovation is on this journey, especially these that are in the rising and accelerating levels, is crucial for comprehending their present level of adoption and the possible foreseeable future trajectory and effect they will have. 

290+ improvements will shape the automotive marketplace 

According to GlobalData’s Technological know-how Foresights, which plots the S-curve for the automotive business applying innovation depth designs created on more than 619,000 patents, there are 290+ innovation regions that will form the future of the industry. 

Inside the rising innovation phase, EV discharge prediction, gas cell ion exchange membranes, and hydrogen ICE fuel tanks are disruptive technologies that are in the early stages of software and should really be tracked intently. V2G wise metering, silicon-air batteries, and zeolites for exhaust filtering are some of the accelerating innovation spots, where adoption has been steadily growing. Between maturing innovation areas are HEV propulsion programs and wind-powered autos, which are now nicely proven in the industry. 

Innovation S-curve for environmental sustainability in the automotive industry 

Catalytic diesel particulate filters is a crucial innovation location in environmental sustainability 

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a tool applied to filter diesel particulate matter or soot out of a diesel engine’s exhaust gas.  

GlobalData’s investigation also uncovers the providers at the forefront of each individual innovation area and assesses the likely achieve and impact of their patenting activity across distinct apps and geographies. According to GlobalData, there are 10+ businesses, spanning know-how sellers, recognized automotive firms, and up-and-coming start off-ups engaged in the advancement and application of catalytic diesel particulate filters. 

Critical gamers in catalytic diesel particulate filters – a disruptive innovation in the automotive industry  

‘Application diversity’ measures the quantity of distinctive applications identified for just about every pertinent patent and broadly splits organizations into either ‘niche’ or ‘diversified’ innovators. 

‘Geographic reach’ refers to the selection of distinct nations around the world each pertinent patent is registered in and demonstrates the breadth of geographic application intended, ranging from ‘global’ to ‘local’. 

Patent volumes linked to catalytic diesel particulate filters

Resource: GlobalData Patent Analytics

One of the prime corporations for the auto industry’s catalytic diesel particulate filters patent filings is Toyota Motor. The corporation is principally involved with the design, creation and marketing and advertising of catalytic diesel particulate filter equipment. Toyota’s DPF traps particulate matter, which is oxidised less than the higher catalyst temperature problems and filter is purified. Aisin and Johnson Matthey are other patent filers in the innovation area.

To even more fully grasp how environmental sustainability is disrupting the automotive market, entry GlobalData’s most recent thematic investigate report on Automotive