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Update On Jay Briscoe’s Daughters Following Car Accident

Update On Jay Briscoe’s Daughters Following Car Accident

Jay Briscoe (Jamin Pugh) passed away on Tuesday, January 17 adhering to a car or truck incident in Laurel, Delaware. Pugh’s two daughters  Gracie and Jayleigh were in the auto with him when they ended up concerned in a head-on collision with another select-up truck after the driver swerved into Briscoe’s lane. 

Jay’s spouse Ashley Pugh formerly pointed out that Gracie was going through back surgical treatment as her legs were being not transferring, while Jayleigh suffered serious injuries but was stable and resting. 

Relatives buddies have given that delivered an update on Briscoe’s daughters, indicating the adhering to on Fb

“Now the ladies are secure, but they both equally have a very extended road of recovery in advance of them. Gracie, 12, when she originally got to Nanticoke [hospital], she could not feel anything from the waist down. She was identified with an L2 dislocation and an L3 and L4 fracture in her back with compression on her spinal wire. Immediately after Nanticoke received her stabilised, they transferred her to another hospital and she acquired sensation back again in her thighs, but nothing at all lower than her knee. She was taken straight for an MRI and surgical treatment on Wednesday early morning around 3 am. The health practitioner was able to alleviate the compression on the spinal cord and medical procedures went as effectively as anticipated. When you have trauma to your spinal twine, it is really a waiting game. With the inflammation and trauma, you have to wait. She continue to has emotion in her thighs, but no movement as of however. Gracie experienced tingling in her feet on and off right now. Her progress will be a working day-to-working day foundation for months to occur. She is bruised up fairly badly, but at this time, no other injuries have been diagnosed.

“Jayleigh was diagnosed with an open up tibia and fibula fracture at Nanticoke, wherever she underwent surgery. They placed an external fixator on and sent her back again to the clinic. She has been identified with a C7 fracture in her neck and has been put in a neck brace, which she will be in for 6 weeks. She also has an L3 and L4 fracture in her again, which can be managed with a again brace for about 12 weeks. She has a ideal clavicle fracture from the seatbelt as properly as a damaged rib on the appropriate aspect. She has a compact remaining pneumothorax, which is the air among the lung and chest wall, not within the lung. They are just monitoring that as it is not massive plenty of for intervention at this level, which is a blessing. Currently, she was diagnosed with a perforated bowel with free fluid in her abdomen, she experienced some internal bleeding in her tummy place. They knew about it and they were being looking at it and currently they were in a position to pinpoint it and come across out where by it was. That surgery went great, that got in there and got the bleeding under regulate and obtained her on the mend. She went to the OR for that right now. They did a bowel resection, which suggests they took a tiny of it out, almost nothing that has long-phrase results. While she was down there, the orthopedics resolved to do a further washout of her leg and some manipulation to the bones for superior alignment. She nevertheless has the external fixator in position and they placed an NG tube down her nose to decompress her stomach. They will consider it out tomorrow and this will enable her to take in.”

It was mentioned that the two Gracie and Jayleigh are in a large amount of agony and they were being hoping for a superior night’s snooze on Thursday. The family members also thanked everyone for their prayers, assistance, donations or any help they have given. 

Ring of Honor taped a tribute show for Jay Briscoe on Wednesday night time. The occasion will air for free on HonorClub and will be uploaded to the promotion’s YouTube channel at an unknown date. 

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