July 24, 2024

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Nissan To Feature Gorgeous Nissan Z Custom, Modern-Day Cube At Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan To Feature Gorgeous Nissan Z Custom, Modern-Day Cube At Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan is heading to the Tokyo Auto Salon with a bevy of custom cars – some that are smash hits and a few that aren’t

Nissan has taken the liberty of modifying the new Z

The Tokyo Auto Salon, one of the largest gatherings of aftermarket builds in the entire world, is going to be happening January 13-15, 2023, and most Japanese automakers see it as an opportunity to get some extra street cred. As a result, they show up in droves with cool and quirky models, most of which will never see the public eye ever again after the show ends. Nissan though, which has produced some of the most modifiable cars in history, is heading to the salon and bringing several builds with it, some of which give us a good amount of hope.


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Nissan Is Acting Like It Has Something To Prove At The Tokyo Auto Salon

Super GT Championship

The Nissan Z GT500 will compete in the Super GT championship

The most interesting and prevalent car on display is a custom Nissan 400Z (or Fairlady Z depending on where you live) which won the Grand Prix at the 2022 Tokyo International Custom Car Contest. We’ve seen this make its rounds online with the re-styled front end that features a bumper that splits the front facia in two with black accents along the bottom of the doors, mirrors, and A-pillars. It will be displayed alongside the $800,000 Nissan Z432R.

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Another attention grabber will be the new Nissan Motul Autech Z race car set to compete in the Super GT GT500 motorsport class. These cars, per regulation, all use 2.0-liter single-turbo four-cylinder engines capable of no more than 650 horsepower and cannot weigh less than 2,271 pounds (1030 kilograms). This particular car will be driven by Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli and features a red-on-black color scheme.

Nissan is also bringing back the Cube, sort of, with the Cube Refreshed & Retro concept. Nissan bought a used Cube and restored and modified it with a matte grey-on-brown color scheme with loads of bronze accents. There is also a Caravan commercial van that has been designed to “support professionals in a wide variety of scenarios.” Perhaps that means lumberjacks who need to recharge their electric chainsaws. The Caravan comes included with four portable power packs taken from the Leaf, along with solar panels, so you are never needing for juice. Plus, there is a built-in tool rack with a sterilizing air conditioning system.

The Rest of Nissan’s Display Is Full Of Typically-Nissan Flare

Nissan Roox

The Nissan Roox has a more streamlined body

Next is a modified version of a Kei car called the Roox, which is reminiscent of a brick in its normal state, however, the silhouette shows a much sleeker, tear-drop-like body shape. It has been specially designed to “enable special times with loved ones” and features a more spacious cabin with premium seats and a whole piano.

There are two custom versions of the Serena minivan. The first is the “Highway Star Accessory concept”, designed to look like the coolest factory minivan ever, it features a black-on-white color scheme called “aluminum” and has been fitted with a body kit and an illuminated front grille. The other is the “Serena Autech customized,” which is supposed to be the sportier counterpart. It features a different body kit, 18-inch wheels, and lowered suspension.

Nissan is also displaying a Sakura, an all-electric Kei car, and an Ariya in Kyoto designed for Nissan’s car-sharing service called “Nissan e-share mobi.” Each is matte grey with a decal on the side depicting icons reminiscent of the city of Kyoto. The last two models are the “X-Trail Autech customized” and the “Note Aura NISMO.” The former, which is essentially a rebadged Rogue, comes in a unique coat of blue paint with a white leather interior and 20-inch wheels. The Note Aura, which is similar to the Leaf but a hybrid, gets a NISMO trim that is inspired by Formula E, although it seems to be purely cosmetic.