May 28, 2024

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Hard-to-find old car parts waiting for buyers at Gosport Auto Supply

Hard-to-find old car parts waiting for buyers at Gosport Auto Supply
Tailpipes in a storage room at Gosport Auto Supply

GOSPORT — Larry Laczkowski acquired a connect with this month from an Evansville guy trying to find a h2o pump for a 1949 Ford. He’d been hunting for a long time, inquiring just about everywhere. No luck.

Anyone suggested he test Gosport Auto Source, in which Laczkowski keeps in stock an eclectic and dusty stock of hard-to-uncover pieces for old cars and trucks. Have to have a carburetor pump diaphragm for an 8-cylinder Ford created between 1957 and 1974? He has a couple of, $2.15 each and every according to the hand-published cost. There’s no UPC code it is really Stock No. 2643C.

Items for sale at Gosport Auto Supply

When he bought the phone about the h2o pump, Laczkowski stepped into a person of the storage rooms adjacent to his store’s retail part. Bins, outdated bins, are stacked orderly and higher. There’s no computer stock system for the 1000’s of products. Some have been there many years waiting around for a consumer.

Shelves at Gosport Auto Supply with boxes containing old piston rings and other car parts

After 35 yrs, Laczkowski has a very great strategy of what’s in stock and exactly where it is found. “I experienced the h2o pump, and when I informed him, he explained, ‘Don’t offer it,’ and hung up the cell phone. Two hrs afterwards he was here.

“I billed him $35. He said he would’ve paid a hundred or two. He claimed he’d seemed almost everywhere.”

Dust-covered spark plug wires at Gosport Auto Supply

Laczkowski acknowledges the one of a kind character of Gosport Car Supply, 21 E. Main St., which however has some of the identical things in stock that have been there when he purchased the small business in 1987. “All the things has dust on it,” he stated. It truly is section of the history, like the 70-calendar year-outdated patina on a car or truck with original paint.