November 29, 2023

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1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Is An American GT With A Muscle Car Heart

1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Is An American GT With A Muscle Car Heart

A well-preserved, range-topping, 1968 Chevy Impala with a 427 Big Block sounds like the find of the decade

A front 3/4 shot of an Ash Gold 1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Custom Coupe

It doesn’t seem like classic American muscle cars will go out of style anytime soon. While the 1960s Chevrolet Impala is classified as a full-size model, which automatically deprives it of muscle car status, it can still pack plenty of muscle under the hood, depending on the version. This 1968 model, listed for sale on, is certainly in the gusto group since it comes with the 427 Big Block V-8. Although the engine is what makes this one special, there are plenty of rare features that make this numbers-matching, Chevy SS 427 an American classic desired by collectors.


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A Muscle Car Disguised As A Grand Tourer

1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Custom Coupe

a side profile shot of an Ash Gold 1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Custom Coupe

The American muscle car formula is fairly simple. A manufacturer takes its biggest engine available and shoves it in the smallest car possible. Sometimes, a manufacturer would even throw in a heavy-duty suspension or more aggressive gear ratios. The Impala was never meant to be a muscle car, but the 427 cubic-inch (7.0-liter) unit that works in this ’68 Custom coupe suggests otherwise. This particular example features the “lesser” version of the 427 V-8 that features a Rochester, four-barrel carburetor and is rated at 385 horsepower (287 kilowatts) at 5,200 RPM and 460 pound-feet (624 Nm) at 3,400 RPM.

This Is “Not An Impala”

1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Custom Coupe

a rear 3/4 shot of an Ash Gold 1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Custom Coupe

We all know that this is an Impala, but enthusiasts would point out that no “Impala” badging would be found anywhere on the body of the SS 427. It was a separate model from the Impala SS and was produced between 1967 and 1969. This 1967 example is a numbers-matching car, and the Big Block V-8 is mated to a TH400, three-speed automatic. The 2.73 rear gears mean that, despite the Big Block V-8, this Chevy is at its best as a stylish cruiser. It may not be black as the Impala from the Supernatural series (link below), but it packs more grunt than that one’s 327 Small Block V-8.

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Plenty Of Rare Features

1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Custom Coupe

an interiro shot of an Ash Gold 1968 Chevrolet SS 427 Custom Coupe showing the frotn and rear seats, and parts of the dashboard

In 1967, Chevrolet introduced the Z24 SS 427 package. This ’68 example has it as testified by the bucket seats and center console, redline tires, special hood, unique trim, and special suspension. The car features a very unusual Ash Gold exterior finish with gold and gray interior. Only 1,178 cars had the SS 427 package and of those, only 427 examples came with the louvered front fenders. This is one of them. Front disc brakes, rally wheels, A/C, and power windows are only a few of the options this generously-equipped SS 427 has.

Overall, this rare, 1968 SS 427 is clearly meant to be a comfortable grand tourer. At the same time, the 427 V-8 provides ample power and, no doubt, an appropriate soundtrack to accompany the surge of speed. When it comes to American muscle cars, the Impala is not the first to come to mind, even in SS 427 guise. But with so few made and this one being rarer still, some might consider it despite the asking price of over $62,000.