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This Custom Nissan 240SX Looks Like A Mini Dodge Challenger

This Custom Nissan 240SX Looks Like A Mini Dodge Challenger

The Nissan Silvia S14 is a beautiful JDM car of the 90s. Badged in the US as the Nissan 240SX, the sports car gained a cult following among car enthusiasts, particularly those engaged in the art of drifting. While still serving as a humble daily driver, the 240SX flaunted an aerodynamic body design, responsive engine, and advanced suspension system.

But what if someone were to take that design and give it a twist? That’s exactly what every 240SX owner under the sun did with the coupe. The Nissan sports car responds extremely well to mods and serves as the ideal platform for those building their ideal car.

One owner stepped up his modding game to create the best-looking custom Nissan 240SX. The JDM coupe received a touch of American muscle, transforming it into a mini–Dodge Challenger.

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Story Of The ‘Japanese Tourist’ Nissan 240SX

Custom Nissan 240SX Rocket Bunny via YouTube

When the Nissan 240SX owner Stanley wanted a new ride, he turned to Garage 88 in Sydney to build him a car that was unique, speedy, and comfortable. And that’s when the story takes an exciting turn, and the “Japanese Tourist” was born. The garage decided to create an entirely new car using the Nissan 240SX chassis instead of tinkering with the body panels.

Anyone thinking it was madness to turn a perfectly good JDM car into American muscle will be forgiven until they get a glance at it. With its Rocket Bunny kit parts, this ride has more presence than a VIP at a red-carpet event.

And here’s the best part: not only does it look and perform amazing, but it’s also a daily driver. This 21-year-old beauty is built for speed and fun, with no compromises on either end. The Japanese Tourist is ready to hit the road and turn heads.

The ‘Japanese Tourist’ Looks Like A Dodge Challenger

The wide-bodied wonder of a 240SX has received a spectacular transformation courtesy of Rocket Bunny – a company that crafts incredible wide-body kits for many Japanese vehicles. The makeover gives the 240SX a more muscular, aggressive appearance. It is perhaps the only car that will bamboozle muscle car fans that hate JDMs. What sets this Rocket Bunny kit apart is its unusual front fascia, which has undergone some radical changes.

Following the makeover, the Nissan 240SX received the front-end appearance inspired by a 1st-gen Chevy Camaro. The inspiration also includes round headlights with LED halos, a flat bumper, and a Mustang-inspired hood. Most of the inspiration for this kit comes from older American muscle cars, particularly the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. All of this comes together to give it a mini modern Challenger vibe.

At the rear, the kit adds a lip spoiler to give the car some dramatic flair while still keeping the original taillights intact (which look out of place, though). Some may find this look a little too wild, but it was the weird, imaginative tweaks that made this JDM sports car unique.

Muscle car vibing Custom Nissan 240SX front fascia view via YouTube

The goal of the overhaul was to bring the S-Chassis platform to the modern day while keeping its classic look intact. Garage 88 tastefully used a two-colored paint job and complementary wheels. The Japanese Tourist combines the Japanese feel with American looks.

Stepping inside, the 240SX has a new custom interior that looks stylish as it is comfortable. Nissan’s stiff seats are gone for good. In their place, Garage 88 installed dark high-quality synthetic leather RECARO seats that feel good on the rump. The helm and dashboard remain the same, but the infotainment system has received an upgrade. In the video, a new touch-screen is visible on the center stack right where the old radio used to be.

It Is Still A Nissan 240SX Under The Hood

Custom Nissan 240SX Engine via YouTube

Underneath the hood, the mini–Dodge Challenger is still largely a Nissan 240SX. Despite its complete cosmetic revamp, the engine bay opens to reveal an SR20DET, which is common in late S14 models. The engine looks repainted, and the new hue goes well with the rest of the car.

A key detail to remember is that the Nissan 240SX came in two engine variants. Units built for the US market received the KA24DE, while the rest of the world got a more powerful SR20DET.

There is no information on whether they tuned the engine. Assuming the SR20DET is stock, it’s safe to say that the fresh-looking coupe is not underpowered. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine comes turbocharged for an output of 217 hp. This is a worst-case scenario, considering that there are instances of tuned Nissan 240SX SR20 engines making close to 2,000 hp! That would be more powerful than any stock Dodge Challenger! But since this is a daily driver, we believe Garage 88 hasn’t strayed away from usable performance rating.

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Get Your Own Mini-Dodge Challenger For Under $20,000

Custom Nissan 240SX rear fascia view via YouTube

The mini-Dodge Challenger is unique but not too unique to replicate. The combination is simple, anyone who finds themselves a reasonable Nissan 240SX deal for $13,000 just needs to buy the Rocket Bunny Boss Aero Kit. The kit costs in the neighborhood of $5,400, which leaves you spending $18,400 for an American-looking JDM.

The end result is a car that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. The custom Nissan 240SX may have started life as a sleek sports car, but with the addition of the Rocket Bunny body kit and other upgrades, it has been transformed into a true street machine with a personality all its own.