November 29, 2023

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The 650+ Hp BMW M3 Touring By Manhart Is Every Gearhead’s Custom Car Dream

The 650+ Hp BMW M3 Touring By Manhart Is Every Gearhead’s Custom Car Dream

Manhart has unveiled its most recent addition to its expansive line-up of cars, and it’s no regular BMW – it’s the all-new M3 Touring, the hardcore performance estate version of the M3 sedan.

We’re sure estate owners are rubbing their hands with glee, now that the MH3 650 Touring is ready to order. The standard M3 Touring in itself is an absolute beast, and with Manhart in the picture, the wagon is now a lot more extreme.

The last time we saw an M3 Touring, it was the F31 version that almost every BMW tuning enthusiast got their hands on to push out more power. It’s quite a rare car, or should we call it uncommon instead? You decide.

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The 650+ Hp BMW M3 Touring By Manhart Is Every Gearhead’s Dream

Black 2022 Manhart BMW M3 Touring Rear Profile

The G81 Touring comes standard with the same package as the M3 Competition sedan, so you get a brilliant feature set for the vast number of upgrades available. Manhart can dial up the stock performance numbers to 641hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

The exhaust sound has been further enhanced with the installation of a new exhaust system that features valve control. Customers are allowed to opt for the Manhart downpipes (Race) excluding catalytic converters or Manhart downpipes (Sport) with 300 Cells GESI catalytic converters.

Even Manhart OPF-delete pipes with 200 Cells HJS catalytic converters are offered for the BMW M3 Touring. The high-performance features Manhart Concave One wheels, finished in a silk matt black shade, but you can have a color of your personal choice as well.

Black 2022 Manhart BMW M3 Touring Bonnet Vents

The exterior carbon package comprises a Manhart carbon diffuser and plenty of other carbon bits like the front splitter, carbon rear spoiler, carbon aero flicks, and carbon side skirts – all giving the already aggressive-looking M3 Touring an even meaner look, with a stance that’ll make you fall in love with tuned station wagons.

There’s also the Manhart decal set that will complete the look, and it can be installed on your BMW M3 G81 Touring. The subtle lines on the G81 Touring look perfect with the Manhart add-ons.

The larger wheels make the car look like it’s sitting on the floor. What’s more, it’s the front-end that looks the most aggressive, making this 641+hp BMW M3 Touring by Manhart every gearhead’s dream.

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BMW M3 Touring Is A Wagon On Steroids

Black 2022 Manhart BMW M3 Touring Taillights

The United States hasn’t got the BMW M3 Touring yet, but as they say, never say never. If the North American market gets the model, we’re likely to be treated to the range-topping Competition xDrive version, which comes with BMW M’s S58 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six, with power sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Without the Manhart treatment, the M3 Touring can sprint from 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds – and if BMW gives U.S customers the option of the M Driver’s package, this thing will be able to hit a top speed of 174mph.

It is, however, not as quick as the M3 Competition saloon, but the difference isn’t much, which is great, considering the M3 Touring has an extended body, which is designed for practicality and comfort.

Black 2022 Manhart BMW M3 Touring Large Wheels

Thanks to its close-to-50:50 weight distribution, suspension, and steering setup that’s been tweaked, the M3 Touring, BMW claims, offers a good balance of dynamics, precise handling, and agility. Very typical of BMW’s M cars then.

In terms of styling, it looks similar to the M3 saloon, with those massive nostrils up-front, the flared wheel arches, the M-specific bumpers and side skirts, the intimidating quad-exit sports exhaust, the M Sport wheels, and the bespoke rear spoiler. We think the Manhart version looks cooler with the stripes and pin-striping.

Like the M3 saloon, the Touring too features red driving mode selectors on the steering and M-themed upholstery. Additional carbon fiber trim and full-carbon bucket front seats can be had as well.

Manhart Performance Makes Wild Cars

Black 2022 Manhart BMW M3 Touring Aggressive Bumper

The enthusiastic team at Manhart Performance has over 30 years of experience, pushing cars of all kinds to the limit. They started out by refining M-GmbH vehicles, but have eventually expanded to luxury cars like Lamborghini, Audi, Mini, Land Rover, Porsche, Toyota, and Volkswagen as well.

They work on multiple models and allow their customers the chance to customize their vehicles to suit their personal tastes. Tuning parts are available to buy online, which are directly installed in Manhart’s German workshop or through Manhart’s partners around the world.

Black 2022 Manhart BMW M3 Touring Quad Exhaust Pipes

Apart from all the tuning upgrades, Manhart largely focuses on the optimization of the power-to-weight ratio. Manhart does great business on a daily basis and churns out cars in great numbers. This tuning heavy-hitter will appeal to anyone who likes fast cars that are made to go faster.

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