March 26, 2023

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‘Long live diesel!’ Telegraph readers defend out-of-fashion cars

‘Long live diesel!’ Telegraph readers defend out-of-fashion cars

Jogging a diesel car is turning out to be increasingly punitive. Exactly where diesel was at the time king, championed by politicians as the remedy to battling CO2 emissions, homeowners are now struggling from fuel rates spiralling better than petrol and the menace of  at any time-encroaching emissions fees.

Nevertheless Telegraph readers remain reluctant to give up their diesel motors. Even though considerations were being raised about the effects of older diesel engines to human overall health, quite a few praised the selection, trustworthiness and affordability of their motor vehicles.

Read on to see what they had to say and sign up for the dialogue in the opinions below.


The variety and miles for every gallon of a automobile are significant precedence challenges for vehicle-entrepreneurs. Audience who demand their cars for very long journeys reported their diesel autos are unbeatable for their variety and performance.

@Heuchter MacTeuchter said: “I lately took the diesel Jag XF to Scotland to see relatives and attend my daughter’s masters graduation in Edinburgh. 

“Roughly 7 hours each individual way (in contrast to the five normally used each way on airport transportation to/from/by way of Heathrow), with two in the car, total expense about £100 in each and every direction with more than enough fuel to run about whilst we had been up there, or less than £50 a leg per person.

“Try carrying out that journey the similar day in an EV – the fact is, you can not, not with out using a great deal more time with time out to recharge, to say nothing about the stress and anxiety included.”

@Christopher Mosele explained he experienced a “2011 Passat with masses of place and can drive from Harrow to Italy throughout the Alps on a single tank of diesel. On the way back again with the boot complete of wine and olive oil and 3 passengers it can get more than the St Bernard go with no struggling.”

@Paul Miller claimed he purchased a “10-calendar year-previous 2 litre VW Passat estate diesel in April with 32,000 miles on the clock for £9,000. These VW engines will go on to 200,000-plus miles. Masses of inside area and with the back again seats down ample to transportation my 65” Sony Tv in authentic box no worries…and am acquiring 45-50 mpg…”

Health fears

Visitors were divided about the overall health effects of diesel vehicles when compared to all those with other fuels, with 1 reader demanding diesels be “consigned to the scrapyard”.

@Mike Machin said: “Although I’m generally very fit – I’ve accomplished various fifty percent marathons and 10 mile road races – I do undergo with asthma which is typically activated by pollution. Just one distinct assault approximately led to my death in 2015, and was the bring about of my mother’s dying at a really youthful age several a long time back.

“Diesel particulates are infamous for triggering or exacerbating all varieties of wellness problems, together with irritation of the nose and eyes, lung operate and respiratory difficulties, pulmonary irritation even in healthier topics, destruction to DNA and most cancers. The quicker diesel automobiles are consigned to the scrapyard and the record textbooks the far better.”

But @AJ Sargent said: “As an asthmatic I am going to disagree. The most unsafe particles are from the brake lining dust. I checked the air air pollution keep an eye on when I lived in Uxbridge, I was astonished to see that the most dangerous pollutants weren’t from the exhaust. EV brakes are the exact same, this is just a large con.”

@Tim Poole pointed out the shifting stances of governments: “Government in 2007: Invest in diesel. Federal government in 2020: You should not purchase diesel.

“Trouble is, many of these 2007 diesels are continue to rolling. They have a great deal bigger MPG and decrease CO2 for every mile than equivalent petrol automobiles. They have DPF and EGR systems – and if effectively preserved run clean up as a whistle. Sadiq will not permit them in London now however.

“Diesel was a sufferer of its own achievements and is now a target of authorities failure.”

@Paul Miller added: “I concur that with the more mature diesels particulates issues are justified , But I might argue that this is only a worry in a city/metropolis large density living and visitors surroundings. In the countryside or smaller nation town these concerns are negligible – although I would not do the school operate in it truly I walk as an alternative) – prolonged live diesel!”

‘If it ain’t broke’

Lots of questioned no matter if remaining pushed to substitute a operating diesel automobile with a new a person was seriously the greener option, owing to the environmental affect of the producing process.