December 8, 2023

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Here’s Why Rubicon Became The Revered Offroader Of The Jeep Wrangler Family

Here’s Why Rubicon Became The Revered Offroader Of The Jeep Wrangler Family

The Jeep brand has built up an impressive legacy since it first launched as a military vehicle in World War II and was tasked with transporting distinguished generals such as Eisenhower and rank-and-file military personnel.

It is considered by many to epitomize the American way of life, and the Rubicon is the Jewel in the crown of the Jeep Wrangler family due to its flexible performance and superior off-road capabilities. This should be no surprise since it gets its name from the famous Rubicon offroad trail in California.

The Rubicon Jeep celebrates its twentieth-anniversary this year and certainly has added oomph to the Jeep brand with its revered off-road capabilities. The 2023 Rubicon’s rivals include Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, Ford Bronco Raptor, and Land Rover Defender.

The Jeep brand, in general, has gained the image of ‘too cool for school’ due to its innumerable appearances on the big screen. Driving down Route 66 evokes images of a Red Mustang. But driving across hazardous terrain elicits the images of a Jeep Rubicon’s massive tires crushing the terrain it leaves in its wake!

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Jeep Rubicon Is Your Perfect Adventure Partner With Power and Legacy

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon In Orange Front View

Jeep has produced several iterations of the Rubicon during its twenty-year existence, and while the exteriors enjoy subtle alterations, Jeep has re-designed the chassis and suspension in the most recent models of this formidable Jeep.

The Wrangler and, in particular, the Rubicon has been able to achieve the iconic status of a true offroader while remaining cool to hipsters and yuppies alike. This truly reflects these SUVs’ stunning looks and unbeatable off-road performance and features.

The Rubicon has been traditionally equipped with engines that produce plenty of power and versatility to keep all off-road enthusiasts happy. The Rubicon 392 Hemi V8 produces 470 hp at 6,000 rpm and 470 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. The 392 is the first Wrangler to be fitted with a V8 engine in nearly 40 years.

The Rubicon 392 is considered the most powerful Wrangler ever produced, and it can reach 0-60 mph in a lightning-fast 4.5 seconds and cover the ¼ mile in 12.9 seconds with a highly impressive top speed of 112 mph, considering the size of its tires. This type of power and speed is impressive for any car, let alone a Jeep that prioritizes its offroad capabilities as its number one selling point.

Even though the Rubicon models typically weigh on the heavy side, they are quite peppy and never feel sluggish regardless of the terrain they encounter while still looking and feeling rugged.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Off-Roads Better Than A Mountain Goat

Red 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in the desert.

The Rubicon is purely a joy to behold and is built for off-road adventures regardless of how extreme the terrain happens to be, courtesy of its 35-inch mud terrain tires. The latest Rubicon versions employ a full-time 4×4 system with an automatic mode that supplies the right amount of torque when necessary.

This unique 4×4 automatic system allows the Rubicon to enjoy great stability during its off-road adventures. To celebrate the Rubicon’s twenty-year anniversary, Jeep has released two highly impressive editions, the 4xe hybrid or 392 trim levels. Both options add to the Jeeps allure and offer a half-inch suspension lift and bolts-up Beadlock capable wheels, and if you chose the plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangle 4xe option, you get a 4.56:1 ratio axle.

The 20th-anniversary models also feature an integrated off-road camera at the front of the Jeep and robust steel rock sliders, which only add to the off-road capabilities of this highly impressive Jeep.

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Jeep Rubicon Is Sturdier Than A Tank; Versatile Than A Swiss Army Knife

Blue 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

Recent iterations include the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 and the special 20-year Rubicon celebratory edition. These two latest versions have received many welcome updates, including a much-improved infotainment system. The 392 comes with leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and aluminum paddle shifters as standard. The Rubicon makes it easy to install a lot of practical upgrades, which is in keeping with the Jeep brand tradition.

The Rubicon is known for its versatility, and it allows you to retract the roof and remove the doors, which is a great feature depending on the climate you are driving in. This gives you the option to be truly at one with nature and the terrain that you are driving through.

The enhanced and sumptuous interior makes the Rubicon a good option for your everyday car. However, it is still pragmatic to consider this behemoth as a second vehicle that is ideal for weekend getaways or summer adventures. A Rubicon Jeep fills its driver with confidence and is comparable to having a mountain Sherpa at your disposal.

The 20th anniversary Rubicon is expected to be limited-run vehicles, and it is envisaged that they will appear on our roads and hopefully off-roads in the middle of this year. Jeep has also stated that they will be releasing approximately 150 of the more aggressive AEV versions. While visually, the current iteration of the Rubicon doesn’t look too dissimilar to the original model, it certainly has continued to improve year-on-year.

Overall the Rubicon has proved time and time again that it is made for off-road adventures while not taking itself too seriously. This fun and hip image with a plethora of color schemes has allowed this iconic Jeep to remain relevant now and hopefully for many years to come

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