December 5, 2023

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GTA Online new cars added with the Los Santos Drug Wars

GTA Online new cars added with the Los Santos Drug Wars

Not only does the GTA Online new cars line up feature a fresh arrival this week in the form of the Ocelot Virtue, but the Annis 300R is also making a brief return though April 12, which gives us hope that the other limited release vehicles could similarly make a comeback in the future. If you’d rather not pay out for it, then it’s still possible to unlock Dr Friedlander’s Ocelot Virtue as a bonus reward for completing all of the First Dose and GTA Online Last Dose missions as host, and it’s worth picking up for the sheer acceleration and speed it delivers. Remember that you can also invest in the GTA Online 50 car garage now, should you need more parking space to store your ever-expanding fleet in.

GTA Online Gun Van

Visiting the GTA Online Gun Van to buy illicit weapons

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Find out where the GTA Online Gun Van currently is to buy the latest unlicensed weapons.

The latest GTA Online new cars started rolling out in December 2022, and we have all of the releases currently available with more on the way. We’ve got the details on all of these new arrivals further down the page, after the lowdown on the current GTA Online Lucky Wheel podium vehicle prize.