December 3, 2023

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BMW Owner Discovers Car’s Software Update Won’t Install When Parked on Incline

BMW Owner Discovers Car’s Software Update Won’t Install When Parked on Incline

A BMW i4 proprietor was rightfully puzzled when their car flashed a odd inform on the display screen, saying its parking location was “as well steep” to complete an over-the-air software update. How does that happen? And why is it a dilemma in the initial area?

As Clare Eliza uncovered out, it simply just isn’t really achievable to remotely update any of the i4’s software if the auto is not parked on flat ground. And rather of allowing the operator to override this, it will wait right up until you physically transfer it someplace a lot more degree to go on.

As it turns out, BMW isn’t going to have a single singular explanation why the vehicle cannot carry out this activity on an incline. Alternatively, the limitation is there as a security blanket.

“The car has all sorts of sensors (pitch, yaw, lateral and longitudinal acceleration and deceleration, and so on.) that permit it to understand its orientation, so it appreciates when it is on an incline,” a BMW spokesperson advised The Drive. “It’s most likely a catchall, each individual-worst-case-no-subject-how-not likely state of affairs security precaution to try to avoid any probability of the car or truck going should really the programming be interrupted or go wrong.”

Essentially, it is there just in circumstance a little something surprising comes about it can be much better to strategy for the worst, after all. Most likely this would make perception if an actuator experienced to be cycled as part of the software package improve, or if a fail-open circumstance may materialize with one particular of its vital components that could danger a rollaway ailment.

But flat floor isn’t the only need for a auto to enhance its computer software. BMW verified to The Push that there are other conditions that have to be met as nicely:

  • The car or truck demands to be in an energetic distant software up grade campaign
  • The down load needs to be finished, which is entirely automated when linked to the internet by using mobile or BMW Related App
  • It have to have enough battery charge amount
  • The automobile can’t be parked on an incline
  • The transmission will have to be in Park
  • The engine, if it has 1, have to be turned off

Now, guaranteed, this is inconvenient, primarily if you reside in a hilly space. No person wants to travel to a random parking lot just to wait around with their automobile even though its program updates. But, it can be a whole lot better than acquiring to agenda a supplier appointment and have them complete the up grade as an alternative, proper? I guess that’s a little bit of a silver lining in the period of related automobiles. Either way, it’d be awesome to have an selection along the lines of, “Yeah, I chocked the tire.”

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