December 3, 2023

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Audi introduces R33 Blue Gasoline for factory fills in Germany

Audi introduces R33 Blue Gasoline for factory fills in Germany

Many new autos that depart the Audi vegetation in Germany are shipped with R33 fuel—a mix comprising one-third renewable factors. Audi plants’ filling stations transitioned to R33 Blue Diesel (previously put up) past yr Audi has now launched the gasoline counterpart, R33 Blue Gasoline. R33 Blue Gasoline (previously article) now replaces typical E10 gasoline.


R33 Blue Gasoline and R33 Blue Diesel consist of a person-3rd renewable parts, dependent solely on residual and waste materials. The renewable portion of the gasoline consists of 10{ca2182fc8fed51dc37b95061ee48b5056cde1176732b225548c54a0c0156d303} gasoline oxygenates—e.g., ethanol—and 23{ca2182fc8fed51dc37b95061ee48b5056cde1176732b225548c54a0c0156d303} bionaphtha, which is attained from residual supplies these kinds of as tall oil, which is a by-products of pulp output.

R33 Blue Diesel is composed of 26{ca2182fc8fed51dc37b95061ee48b5056cde1176732b225548c54a0c0156d303} renewable paraffinic fuel—i.e., HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil)—and 7{ca2182fc8fed51dc37b95061ee48b5056cde1176732b225548c54a0c0156d303} biodiesel. The remaining 67{ca2182fc8fed51dc37b95061ee48b5056cde1176732b225548c54a0c0156d303} is created up of fossil fuel.

R33 Blue fuels minimize CO2 emissions by at least 20{ca2182fc8fed51dc37b95061ee48b5056cde1176732b225548c54a0c0156d303} in contrast with fossil diesel and gasoline in the properly-to-wheel examination, and the determine is increasing. By funding certified environmental initiatives, gas producers do far more to improve the environmental affect of the remaining fossil elements in R33 fuels. The purpose is to further more decrease the worldwide greenhouse gas outcome and the use of these kinds of fuels is a move in the direction of Audi’s purpose of carbon neutrality at its production web sites by 2025.

R33 Blue Gasoline completely complies with the applicable common for gasoline, DIN EN 228, which signifies that any car accepted to run on Tremendous 95 E10 gasoline can use it. R33 Blue Diesel fulfills the most prevalent typical right now, EN 590, and is as a result licensed for all diesel vehicles—even more mature types.


R33 fuels are premium fuels that have a constructive effect on dress in and provider life by means of unique additives. Both equally fuels have attained continuously positive outcomes in comprehensive motor and vehicle tests—they even exceed the EN 228/E10 typical in crucial parameters, this kind of as storage stability and boiling actions. The large-good quality additives also make certain these renewable fuels are incredibly clean and avert engine corrosion.

The R33 fuels have been produced in cooperation with Shell and Bosch.

R33 Blue Diesel is readily available at existing public filling stations right now. However, Tremendous E10 and diesel gas with up to 7{ca2182fc8fed51dc37b95061ee48b5056cde1176732b225548c54a0c0156d303} biodiesel content material (indicated by the symbol B7 at filling stations) are continue to the norm in Germany. There are also designs to use R33 Blue Gasoline in the current filling station community. At the EDI Ö-Middle, Blue Gasoline will provide for a quality (€1.859/l) (US$7.05/gallon US) around Super (€1.709) and Tremendous E10 (€1.649).

The use of reFuels does not need any components adjustments to filling stations.