July 24, 2024

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4 Tricks To Starting Your Diesel Truck in Cold Weather

4 Tricks To Starting Your Diesel Truck in Cold Weather

Cold temperatures and diesel engines really don’t blend really perfectly. As winter temperature sets in, you could locate it demanding to commence your cold motor. Likely out to get started your diesel truck on a cold early morning and discovering it dead or unable to start off appears like a nightmare to most diesel owners. But never get worried, there are a several useful methods you can use to retain you from finding stranded. Here are the major four:

1 – Refill your truck with wintertime diesel fuel

A yellow Chevrolet truck buried under a pile of snowy in front of wintery woods.
Snow-covered Chevrolet pickup truck | Randy Pench/Sacramento Bee/MCT via Getty Images

The diesel fuel for sale at the gas station is distinct in summer time time and wintertime time. Summe diesel motor fuel can change into gel at reduced temperatures, get caught in your gasoline lines, and leave you stranded. Wintertime diesel fuel is mixed with kerosene to continue to keep this from going on. If your truck has been parked with a tankful of gasoline you acquired previous spring, attempt to burn off through most of that and leading it off with contemporary fuel.